Our Programs

No greater crisis exists in communities of color than the lack of resources intentionally invested toward our black and brown male scholars. Our young men are diagnosed with ADHD three times more than young women, and they lose five times the amount of educational hours due to disciplinary actions. Often times, these young men live in communities without male role models or a clear path for future prosperity. We are committed to increasing prosperity in communities of color in San Francisco by eliminating the achievement gap. 



On a bi-weekly basis our students participate in creative and engaging educational programming. Transforming them into eager learners ready to excel. Excitement and curiosity emerge under the guidance of culturally competent caring teachers, mentors, and trained volunteers who maintain a positive, safe, and exciting learning environment.


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Aims to recruit, train, and retain male graduates of color from Historically Black Colleges and Universities to commit to becoming teachers in San Francisco. This summer the inaugural cohort of four Black graduates from the University of Delware will be joining our team in July, these men will provide leadership for our SMART Saturday and Malcolm X Academy programming.


$2.2 million has been awarded to Urban Ed Academy as a part of the new investment of $377 million from the San Sfrancisco Department of Childern, Youth, and Their Families, that will increase the number of Beacon Community Schools from nine to 27. As a Beacon provider we are committed to providing culturally competent education supports and increase the number of male educators of color at Malcolm X and in Bayview Hunter’s Point.